PALM has been a California C corporation since 1992 and has done business in the Silicon Valley since incorporation.


PALM Associates, Inc. was founded as a software product development company specializing in communications, networking and security and has been operating in the Silicon Valley since founding. The company was built from nothing into a blue chip developer that implements products for new startups and Fortune 100 companies. Over the past decades, PALM Associates, has been instrumental in helping make a number of new Silicon Valley startups successful. Key staff have transitioned to various new startups such as Zoove, Inc., Digital Medial Merge, Inc. as well as supporting the product development through our relationships with the valley VC community. In addition to development for new startups, PALM has developed products for Microsoft, Qualcomm, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Intel, Dialogic, ADC/Newnet, Voice Processing Corporation and a variety of tier 2 and 3 carriers.


Technical members of PALM's engineering staff have cetifications in OPNET, Cisco, Microsoft, Dialogic and Health Informatics.

Other members of PALM's engineering staff have MS, and PhD degrees from Stanford, University of Illinois, U.C. Santa Clara, Claremont Colleges and others. Experience levels range from 1 or 2 years for entry to 10 years and up for principle level.


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