Business Model

Our business model is software product development for OEMs. The Intellectual property rights are routinely assigned to the client. We specialize in communications, networking, and voice software. A typical project might be to implement a new feature for an existing product, such as Microsoft's System Management Server. Or, it could be an R & D problem that is part of a larger project as with the Top Tools web based management software that we did for Hewlett Packard. Quite often we have been tasked with implementing the first version of a complete product for new startups. Our work is split between Fortune 100 companies and new startups such as @motion, Telocity, Vertical Networks, webtv, etc. We are often called in prior to the completion of the first round of funding for startups and have helped brief venture capitalists to secure the needed funding.

We work from a Requirements Specification. If one doesn't yet exist, PALM will write it. On completion of a project, PALM has an excellent reputation for transferring the technology to the clients. Our documentation is easy to read and complete. We have completed internal ISO9000 audits for customers who are in the service provider business.

We normally subcontract to develop a specific capability, functionality or product that we implement in house. We do not "body shop" but we do on site tech transfer and installation support.

Corporate Relationships

PALM has development relationships with Nuance Communications, Inc., SpeechWorks International, and Signal Soft, Inc. We have been a Dialogic partner since 1994, an OPNET certified developer since 2010. PALM has published applications and games on both the Android and Apple application stores. We are also members of the following development groups:

  • Sprint PCS Application Developers Program
  • AT&T Mobility ("Interactive")
  • BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) Development
  • Texas Instruments M&I Development
  • Microsoft Development Network
  • Apple IOS Developer

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