Energy Management

Fault Tolerant distributed Windows NT server farm for Demand Side Energy Management.

The features include:

  • Distributed, robust time queue management
  • SQL/7 RAID supported back end data base
  • Cisco RAS 5200 front end to T-1 PRI interface
  • Data acquisition from hundreds of field Energy Management Systems (EMS) operating over a number of different modem configurations. The system supports DanFos, CPC, EIL and other EMS configurations.
  • Fault tolerant storage and queuing built upon Common Internet File System (CIFS)

PALM Associates, Inc. was the prime contractor for this significant Demand Side energy management system. We designed, implemented, tested and continue to support this system as it monitors hundreds of supermarket refrigeration units throughout the Western United States.

PALM's Foreman® management system is used to provide monitoring, command and control of this complex.


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