Expert Systems

Rule Based Automated Telemarketing using Expert Systems

The features included in this product are:

  • Expert System based rules for determining candidate "up sell" service to propose to subscribers
  • Subscriber log analysis and processing on a daily basis
  • Distributed, robust time queue management

PALM Associates, Inc. was the prime contractor for this leading edge development of automated telemarketing for the Wildfire® system. We designed and implemented a rule based system using the Haley Enterprise Rete++ that permits C++ encapsulation of the Eclipse expert system development kit.

This system would extract the daily logs from the host system, analyze them to identify customers that are candidates for an additional feature. The analysis used a PALM implemented rule-base to determine which new features to propose to selected subscribers to trial. The Wildfire® automated attendant would then propose a free trial of the service or feature.

PALM's Foreman® management system is used to provide monitoring, command and control and scheduling of this complex automated system.

PALM Associates, Inc. has also participated with other clients in the development of expert system based products. We worked with the Intel Knowledge Cube group on the deployment of expert systems for PC management.


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