International Cellular Carriers

This system is a high performance, multiple processor distributed Telco-grade system supporting over 1,200 ports of ASR (Automatic Speech recognition). One of the seven systems is illustrated in the attached figure. The CTI interface is a high performance real time interface using Dialogic E-1 cards attached to a GSM cellular network.

PALM's role was to find an innovative way to integrate Nuance ASR into this existing framework. We used the Nuance asynchronous interface to gain the speed and meet the real time performance requirements. Considerable thought and design experience was necessary to find solutions for some of the problems inherent in the use of advanced ASR in a cellular network. Our solution is now in production and we are proceeding with the next generation of this product.

This project demonstrated PALM's ability to quickly absorb an existing large high performance code base, determine the best integration path and work with the vendors (Dialogic, Nuance, Microsoft) to find creative solutions to advanced technically challenging problems of performance, availability, and reliability.



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