PALM SS7-IP Signaling Gateway

PALM's SS7-IP Signaling Gateway (SS7IPGW) is a software product that handles all SS7 ISUP signaling and exports a simple interface to call control applications. The SS7IPGW can be purchased as a binary process that runs along side your applicatoins in the same processor as a COM service, or can be run as a separate, black box, attached to your LAN. PALM will provide additional consulting services to fully integrate this product into you application suite and OSS by interfacing to your OAM&P system. Use your own Media Gateway or one provided by PALM to act as a presentation level content manager that changes incoming circuits to IP traffic streams or interfaces the telephone network to your switching system.

A simplfied call control interface is available whether the SS7IPGW operates in its own system, providing a separate "SS7 in a box" solution or as a peer process within the same system as the call control application. Call control applications that are co-located with the Gateway can use the convenient COM interface. Remote call control applications can access the Gateway using DCOM or IP. For IP, the RCCP is available (Remote Call Control Protocol ®) developed by PALM Associates, Inc. RCCP can operate over TCP, UDP or Secure/Reliable UDP protocol layers.

Future releases of this product will include TCAP support as well. Additional features include remote administration and monitoring, local control panel, Remote/Local provisioning, power/fail restart, and dual system fail over.

Call Control Application Interfaces
A variety of interfaces are possible for applications program developers. When the Gateway is collocated with the application, a COM interface is possible. For situations where the call control application is external then the RCCP© Protocol over TCP or UDP is used, or alternatively DCOM is available.


Typical Implementations

By combining the SS7 Signaling Gateway with a Media Gateway, a full IP Telephony solution can be built or an Intelligent Peripheral such as a Fax Server or IVR application can be attached to a switch.

The optional fault tolerant, distributed implementation using the ForemanÔ Management Framework, console and agents, can provide high performance management.

For Dialogic platforms, CT Media can be used to manage the media streaming through the Media Gateway.

This product is intended primarily for small to medium size installations or to be used for developing applications for enterprise level services.


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