PALM's stand alone or integrated product for VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Messaging) version 2.0. VPIM is an IETF standard SMTP MIME interface for exchanging voice messages using SMTP.

PALM's VPIM Gateway implements VPIM Version 2.0 (rfc 2421) and operates as a stand alone, front end processor for interfacing voice message servers to the Internet using the Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM).

The PALM Gateway implements a full SMTP protocol stack, has been performance tested for fault tolerant, high performance operation. We offer off-net queuing of outgoing messages and, when the host voice server is down, queuing of incoming messages.

One of the features of the PALM Gateway is the "unknown sender" algorithm that remembers the email address of incoming messages so that the voice message server can send a response to the unknown sender.

This product is integrated to the voice server using a high performance LAN interface that enables the Gateway to deposit voice messages directly in the mailboxes of subscribers. At scheduled intervals, the Gateway retrieves queued up voice messages from the voice server.

Address conversion and mapping is supported between Internet addresses and the native voice mailbox addresses supported by the vendors voice server.

The operational configuration and features for the PALM Stand Alone VPIM Gateway are illustrated in the following figure:


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