PALM Associates, Inc. specializes in custom software development.

Our expertise covers the areas of system and network management, mobile product development, sensor integration, computer security and disruptive product implementation. PALM has done product development for Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett- Packard, Sun, Nokia and Cisco as well as numerous start-ups.

PALM has competencies in the following areas:

  •     Software for communications & networking products
  •     Mobile product design, development and production
  •     Security Technologies
  •     HIPAA/NIST compliant product development
  •     Amazon Web Services
PALM has expertise on the following platforms:
  •     Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS
  •     Windows (all flavors)
  •     Linux
  •     VxWorks
  •     Ubuntu
  •     Solaris
  •     Green Hills
PALM focuses on custom system level software development, including:
  •     Middleware
  •     Drivers
  •     Protocols
  •     Turnkey systems
  •     Client / Server
  •     Fullstack development

PALM services include the following:

  • Software Security Audit and Site Hardening
  • HIPAA training, organization, risk management, and process definition

One characteristic of PALM developments is quality documentation and training that improves the transfer of knowledge to our customers.

PALM has been incorporated since 1993 and has been developing in the Silicon Valley for that time.

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